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Nail Tabs - Wednesday

Nail Tabs - Wednesday

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Nail Tabs - Wednesday  

Wednesday is a multi coloured pattern black holo shiny finish 

trendy colours and patterns meet all clients needs 

Our Nail tabs are more then big enough for extreme length nails includes x10 Nail Tabs.

These Nail Tabs stick on there own no need for glue.

Cut.. Stick.. Cap 

1. base colour. 

2. Cut shape. 

3. Stick to the nail.

4. Cap in between if adding line work or art with top or base coat.

5. Cap. double cap if your using gel polish take extra care if your Nail tab is laid near the edges of the nail.

we would recommend for our thicker Nail tabs to be encapsulated with builder gel or acrylic. 

if encapsulating in acrylics or builder gel no need to cap in between for nail art. Just once finished add your non wipe top coat or matte. 


Don’t adhere Nail Tabs to the natural nail. Always have base coat on your natural nails or if using acrylic add a thin layer.

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Nail Tabs lots of trendy colours & patterned available.