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Nail Art - Classic Pooh

Nail Art - Classic Pooh

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Nail Art - Classic Pooh 

we have a Decal option and Sticker option available 

lots of sizes per sheet 

Perfect for Nail enhancements 



no need to add water these have there own adhesive they stick to the nail make sure your nail is fully cured and tack free.

These are thicker then decals they need to be capped and buffed in between and then add your top coat suitable for white or light coloured nails builder gel & acrylic. I also used gel polish with them but you will need to buff and double cap. Make sure you don’t overlap the sticker on your nail edges and place on the nail away from the free edge and sides.


Decal version is a lot thinner these need to be put into water and peeled off the backing paper and gently placed onto the nail before top coating.

suitable for all mediums carefully placed into a tacky layer on white or light coloured nails.

Both Decals & stickers will need you to cut around the image you want to use with scissors. Cut as close as possible to the image.

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Nail Tabs lots of trendy colours & patterned available.