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Plain Design - Nail Trace Tabs

Plain Design - Nail Trace Tabs

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Plain Design - Nail Trace Tabs

x3 templates to choose from but individually or collection 

Plain Nail Trace Tabs 

plain template Nail Trace Tabs on another product listing 

have lots of shapes and sizes to pick from to draw in pencil to re use or to cut & trace a image out of a magazine which then enables you to trace on top with gel polish for practice but also you can apply top coat to your design cure, peel and add to nails.

Design Nail Trace Tabs

check out our Design Nail Trace Tabs (lots of designs coming) on a another  product listing 

You Can Use :

pencil on plain tab (white bottom) to draw and rub out to re use 

acrylic paint (trace acrylic top) to paint but after you will need wipe off with cleanse to re use 

gel polish (trace acrylic top) to trace in gel polish can cure, peel and apply to nails using top coat over your design or leave the gel uncured and wipe off 


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Nail Tabs lots of trendy colours & patterned available.