New Nail Tabs

Introducing our new Nail Tabs.

Funky colours and patterns.

Simple to use. Cut your design,stick and cap.

Always Double cap your edges for long lasting results.

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Nail Trace Tabs Tutorial

Try Me Pack ...

Don't Know what you will prefer to use?. No Problem with our try me packs it will include:

X1 Nail Tab Pack

X1 Decal Sheet

X1 Sticker Sheet

each conquer each others pros & cons so its what suits your techniques and nails best

Pro - Stickers are more thicker and uses its own adhesive to stick.

Con - Stickers will need to buff nail and re top coat in between to smooth out any edges to the sticker.

Pro - Decal they are alot thinner which will lay flatter to the nail.

Con - Decal will Need a tacky layer and carefully placed lifting off the decal from the tacky layer will cause it to rip.

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Nail Tabs - Ariel

Ariel encapsulated into acrylic so beautiful. You can get different looks with Ariel by adding different colours underneath she is a pearly Opal translucent nail Tab, let your creativity run wild with Ariel.

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Step By Step

Cut.. Stick.. Cap

if you add nail art remember to cap inbetween so your nail is smooth for line work.

You can encapsulate in:

Non wipe top coat, matte top coat


Builder gel.

Some of our thicker nail tabs we would recommend capping in acrylic or builder gel for that extra long lasting wear.

If your using gel polish only remember to double cap. take extra care of them edges if nail tab is on the edge.

Nail Tabs

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Introducing our new Nail tabs

Cut.. Stick.. Cap..

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